my theory about colds

I have this twisted belief that if anyone gets through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, then that person should never, ever get another cold again.

Great theory. Too bad it tanks.

I have a cold that I swear is leaking out my eyes.

I’m definitely at the stage that only mom could love. Maybe Vince. If I don’t breathe on him.


1 thought on “my theory about colds

  1. I agree…
    And I can completely understand and relate…
    any parent who goes through surgery with their kid (Luke had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and tubes put in this week) and then spend the week at home as the child recuperates gets an all expense paid vacation to a destination of their choice.
    So, you get a card that fends off colds, and I get one saying I’m an awesome mom.
    Honey, lots and lots of honey is my mother’s latest remedy…

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