I just love being unique. Really. It’s just so much fun.

One of the side effects of the chemo drug Docetaxel is that nail changes can occur such as “change in colour may occur.  Rarely, nails will loosen or fall off, or the nailbeds will be painful.” [Direct quote from the information handout the clinic gave me.]

Did you catch the word “rarely” in that last sentence? Guess what…that last round of chemo? My nailbeds were PAINFUL.

Today my oncologist looked at my finger nails, looked at me with this sincere look of sympathy and says, “I’m sorry, but your nails are going to get very ugly.”


As long as the damn drug keeps doing it’s job, I’d glady become an ogre (Shrek-like, if you please).

But why can’t I be NORMAL? [Er, what is normal, anyway?]