For some time now I have been having the debate of “should I or shouldn’t I?” regarding seeing a naturopathic doctor.

There is a local naturopath who specializes in cancer patients. While not every testimonial is a rosy story, everyone is pleased with him.

I’ve always been a believer in alternative therapies – I’ve used acupuncture to treat tension headaches with much success – and yet there’s a part of me that thinks “it’s alright if it’s for the other guy”.

But, and only to reinforce the inconsistency within me, I’m worried that I’m not doing enough to protect my health and reinforce remission.

So what’s holding me back? Damn good question. One thought is a fear that perhaps alternative therapies will conflict with conventional.

I suppose now is not the time to hesitate, but instead be very proactive.

I just don’t know.

[13 Oct – Vince is all for it. As I value the input of my friends and family, please don’t be shy. Food for thought: I think I’m going for it.]


2 thoughts on “naturopath?

  1. My thoughts, for what they’re worth….
    Every option is a viable one until proven otherwise. Try the naturopath, but keep the other docs and treatments being offered on the plate as well.
    Don’t discount any option offered.
    Just my opinion.

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