naturopath ~ yes

I saw the naturopath today. I truly hate how conventional medicine and alternative medicine are at odds, when they could be complimentary and integrative.

My oncologist was lukewarm to me visiting the naturopath. He said he has three things for me to keep in mind:

1) There’s nothing to prove that it works and nothing that disproves it either; he doesn’t want me to think this way is a cure or a guarantee.

2) To have everything recommended checked and cross-referenced with the Cancer Clinic pharmacists to ensure no loss of effectiveness of the conventional medications prescribed.

3) If I’m spending hundreds to thousands a month, is it really worth it?

I questioned the naturopath on the first two points. The naturopath I saw really believes in what he’s doing, he’s got research in radiation oncology behind him and more.

So, I’ve decided to augment my conventional medicine – the integrative approach. The course of action we are currently taking is to take herbs and supplements that support and work with the two main medications I am on: tamoxifen and herceptin. The cost is not cheap, but it’s not prohibitive either.

On a personal level, I’m about to go more organic – from meats to veggies to dairy. Meat and dairy specifically come from animals that are fed hormones and antibiotics. I’m going to be cautious on the milk part though, but willing to see what the options are locally.

I believe in being proactive. It’s the open mind approach - I don’t know what will or will not help, but it doesn’t hurt to try. And I guess I believe in it all or I wouldn’t bother.