new hiccup

I panic very well. And my medical oncologist knows it. How do I know? When he begins the conversation with “Gayle, we’re just being super cautious…” then I know I could easily push the panic button.

My next herceptin treatment, which should have been today, and is the drug that I’m counting on to help save my life, has been postponed for at least 4 weeks. My last heart test has shown a decrease in functionality. I’m still in the “normal” range, but the fact that it has dropped makes my oncologist wants to be 100% sure. So I’m going to have a second kind of test (ultrasound/electrocardiogram??) to see whether the heart muscle is damaged/affected.

I questioned what happens if there is damage, worse case scenario. He says that there is proof that 9 treatments of herceptin have been proven effective – I’m scheduled for 17, so that is half. I’ve had 5 already but didn’t ask about having 4 more and what the possible consequences can be.

I’ve learned I can only handle so much information at once and that I think of questions afterwards.

And speaking of panic, I’ve been mildly panicked about the two week delay in radiation. It starts tomorrow, that much I got confirmed.

So, I’m not doing my best today.