no idea

I have no idea how people manage to “blog” every single day. I barely manage once a week…unless I do something stupid and it’s funny enough to share.

This chemo drug is certainly kinder in many ways. I’m tired, but not overly sick. I did experience a wicked nosebleed the other night, I have a lovely distorted sense of taste (where even water tastes like metal – bleh!) and I’ve got diarrhea. All in all, this is good.

I was thinking the other day how long this journey is for my type of cancer. I was thinking about women who don’t have IBC, who get surgery right away and then do chemo/radiation. Or does it just appear longer because I have surgery at the very end??

Also, did I share with you that there is no option when it comes to surgery? I know I’ve said the breast comes off, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned that reconstruction is not possible. This makes it easier to decide about the other breast this way.

Sorry, not really newsy – but it’s an update.



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