oh wow

As of 20 minutes ago, we blew the challenge out of the water.

Yep. That’s right. We. Did. It.

I don’t think I’ve hit refresh that often in a long time. That was so much fun.

Thank you to everyone who supported two amazing charities.

From the Fat Cyclist’s blog [link broken]:

A Holy-Cow-Did-We-Really-Do-This-It-Seems-Unreal Note from Fatty: Around 8:10pm on Tuesday, we crossed the finish line: More than $50,000 donated to both the LiveStrong and World Bicycle Relief pages.

A HUGE “thank you” goes out to Johan for putting together an outrageous challenge. An even HUGER “thank you” goes out to Team Fatty — by which I mean anyone who donated — for proving, once again, how incredibly generous people can be.

Also, big thanks to Trek for providing the Madone, to Gary Fisher Bikes for providing the FattyFly, to Nick Howe for providing the cool bonus-prize jerseys, and to Trek Travel for providing the Tour de France trip.

This has been the nuttiest contest I’ve ever done, and all the more awesome because it totally fell from the sky.

And now I get to spend the weekend in Arizona, riding with Team RadioShack. And — even more exciting — I get to give away two incredible bikes and the trip of a lifetime.

Sometimes, it’s good to be Fatty.