oncologist visit today

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, seeing my medical oncologist Dr. Attwell, is always the best thing for me when I’m at my worst emotionally.

I was talking about the two things that have driven me nuts throughout the process, the first one being that I have a diseased breast attached to my body.  Dr. Attwell immediately challenged that, he said that it may not be diseased anymore because I responded so well to chemo and it’s obvious in the two weeks since he last saw me that the radiation has done it’s job too.

The second thing is the prognosis, or lack thereof. Dr. Attwell told me that as far as he is concerned, the second the breast is removed, I’m cured.

Such an amazingly positive man.

I am so lucky in all my specialists.

He also commented that I should consider looking into the local support groups, because now is the time I am going to need them. So far, he says, I’ve been in survival mode because I had no choice. Now, I’m dealing with the uncertainty and other scary thoughts.

All I know is that five weeks seems so far away right now. Watch me eat these words in five weeks.


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