oncologist visit

Today was a routine oncologist visit ~ without any of the drama I had with the last couple.

Dr. Attwell came in and his first questions were about Winnipeg, what was the conference like, how was it for me and how did the documentary go.  [Oh, and Ro, he wants to know if he can be one of the first to vet it ~ tongue in cheek, of course.]

Then he asked me what I thought of him as a doctor. Whoa! Didn’t see that one coming. In no particular order I said:

  • he was the perfect match for me [his comment: we had each other’s number very early on];
  • I appreciated all the time he gave me, particularly when I needed it emotionally;
  • I appreciated the truth and that he massaged the way he delivered it;
  • if I did have a wish, it’s that he could have made a point of mentioning more about the counselling or resources available to me.

He told me that he appreciated my words, and that he doesn’t ask this of his patients but he knew I’d give an honest answer. He said that his approach isn’t the norm, that he likes to joke and try to make what is a bad time a lighter.

“Honest answer”. Now that’s funny. I mean, really, when don’t I answer honestly??!!

And, to answer the question on your minds: all is well.