one year ago

Here’s a laugh for you. I’m finding the memory of one year ago a little warm and fuzzy – which is so weird when you consider where I was.

It was this time last year that Victoria was hit by a snowstorm that shut down the city (two inches shuts down the city) and I still had to get to the cancer clinic for chemo #6.

As I was coping with the side effects, an annual event was happening on the Saturday night – the Island Equipment Operators’ Assocation was having it’s Truck Light Parade. Vince and I were bundling me up and ensuring I was okay to get out to the street (’cause it goes by the end of my street) to watch them. Approximately 80 trucks (dump, rigs, etc.) decorated up.

Here it is a year later, I’ve had a herceptin treatment, the Truck Light Parade is tonight AND there’s a light dusting of snow falling as I type.

How’s that for waxing nostalgic??

I get so excited at the snow. Apparently you can take the girl out of Ontario, but not Ontario out of the girl. And don’t go thinking that’s a vote for winter. I’ll take a Victoria winter any day over Ontario’s.


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