I’m pretty sure that there are people wondering how the trip home went. And I’m sorry for the delay. Sometimes I need a bit of time to process everything. And then I got caught up in the Tour de France.

When I first thought of sitting down to do this post, I had only 2 words pop into my mind immediately: family and humidity.

  • There are certain family characteristics (how we communicate, words we use, actions we take) that are just ‘family’ no matter how long the time has been since we’ve been together. Truth is, I couldn’t help but laugh a couple times – VERY out loud. I do so love my family.
  • And as for the humidity, well, if you’ve never experienced it, you’ll never completely understand when I say that there are many words to describe the utter joy I have in being back in Victoria.

But then 2 more popped into my head: friends and memories.

  • One great joy was that I actually didn’t have to do any packing. Seriously. What Dad planned to take was already prepared. The most that Art had to do was make sure that all that was going by moving van made it out to the garage. There’s something to be said for ‘as is’.
  • I had 3 days to spend with Dad before Art arrived. I enjoyed that.
  • In that time, Dad and I visited old neighbours, familiar haunts and our old homestead.
  • I got to hug a few very dear friends and spent time catching up.
  • I got kidnapped for ice cream one night.
  • And I’ve left with warm fuzzies and memories I had not thought of in a long time.

Thought I’d end this by sharing a few images. This picture of a painting is an accurate representation of where I grew up:

The Moore House

The shop, as we called the front building, now looks like this (part of the ‘garage’ next door):

The old shop

And the house has been moved (beside the old town hall) and is being made into a museum:

My home

And this is a picture of what used to be Dad’s home since 1995:

Dad's home

And finally, a picture of the Moores, taken the day we left.

Art, Dad and me

See you sometime again Ancaster. Moncton, I’m coming at Christmas.