ordering coffee in australia

So just let me say that if size matters, North America wins hands down. The largest to-go cup I could find equals the regular size here. I have heard something to the effect that the size is geared towards the shot that is, size is at odds with flavour; the best flavour comes from having an appropriate sized cup to the shot.

So let’s talk coffee.

  • Americano anyone?
    Nope. Order a Long Black.
    Want cream? Tough luck, no milk, cream or half-half jugs to add one of those ‘order up front’ kind of things.
    So. Americano with room? Tried Long Dark with cream. What? No cream? Whipped cream?! Okay, with whipped cream.
  • Latte? Thank the lord, this one was like for like.
  • Cappacino? Yep. Another one that is like for like.
  • Coffee & cream? Order Short White. It’s actually an expresso with a double quantify of steamed milk.
  • Expresso only? Order Short Black.

Don’t ask me about other coffee drinks. Don’t even start on flavours (what flavours?!).

And plain, drip black coffee? No such thing. Unless you make it yourself. The only thing that coffee shops seem to make is expresso-based coffees.

All this has been duly noted for next time.

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti