ouch, dammit

I have been having trouble with my left arm (lymphedema) for almost three months. More discomfort. Pain (never a good thing with this condition). Some numbness. Lots of tingling. The nerve damage in my index finger was much more pronounced (I wish there were words to describe how this feels, it’s just so strange).

This time I did a little research and chose to go to a registered massage therapist who specializes in manual lymphatic drainage massage and who is also a compression garment fitter. And the verdict: my current garment set up was actually contributing to the problem, from the weave of the material to the way the compression was tighter in some places than others.

One custom garment later (at $535, thank you very much – and thank goodness for health plans), I am doing so much better. What is really annoying is that hindsight thing once you have knowledge. According to Carol, I should have had a custom fit all along. This sleeve is so much more comfortable (now that’s a weird thing to say) than the off-the-shelf. But what annoys me is that the first person to fit me didn’t even recommend a custom fit. I think the difference is that Carol is a front-line health care worker, trained to deal with this condition, and the other lady is just a trained fitter.

All I know is it was well worth the cost and time to get this done.

I still can’t go without the sleeve and glove, alas, but I still hold out hope that one day this will change.