ouch, darn it

I had two or three blisters form in the crease under my breast and wouldn’t you know it, they burst. Not an easy area to heal and it’s like razor blades if I move the wrong way.

The skin around the areole is now officiallly peeling. The slightest brush of fabric is painful.

I’m still red as a beet.

And the rash, you ask??  Still itches, but not half as much as when I have caffeine.

You can tell I started herceptin again on Friday – I have a constant dripping nose and aches in my legs and hips.

I swear I’m nothing more than a lab experiment….”But Gayle, these are normal reactions. You just have to let them run their course.” Normal, smormal. I’d like to go back to being unique, please.

Poop to that!

And I’m still smiling! How? I’m not sure.


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