“Ow” is an understatement and yet it’s not.

First, I did sleep the night before surgery – a surprise to me, but maybe a reflection of the exhaustion from the worry I put myself through.

Dr. Ross did speak to me in recovery. Why they do that when the brain is addled is beyond me. She thinks they got it all. They won’t know for sure until pathology is done. She also said it’s obvious chemo/rads did their job.

AND, she saved Pooh!!! – or most of Pooh. It thought that tattoo was a goner.

When I was more alert mentally on Tuesday (and I was out of it for quite a bit), I remember looking down being happy to FINALLY have the diseased breast off the body. Some sadness, but not the shock I thought I would have. Doesn’t mean that my self-image is intact, only that I’m dealing with one thing at a time.

As well as swelling and bruising, which are expected, I have three drains. One in the right and two in the left. I get to put up with them for about 14 days in total (appt. on 16th to have them out) unless they stop draining earlier. The hardest part right now is the sleeping on my back. I’m a side sleeper, but with drains on both sides, no luck that way.

I’m sleeping okay, all tubes and drains considered. Movement in and out of bed is funny – as in, a struggle that borders on comedic – and I’m up and around. I’m looking forward to more than a sponge bath.

I’m not allowed to lift more than 5 lb at this point, which is just about anything right now, including an “O” magazine given to me to help pass time.

And since sitting up and typing is tiring…that’s all for now.


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  1. Glad to know you’re home, and coping as you are. Continue to rest, relax and heal.
    Type more when ready.
    Love to all

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