I have this thing about birds, in case you haven’t picked up on that, and in particular I seem to have a thing with owls. The latest story goes as follows…

Last evening Vince and I were in the living room and there was a loud thump against the side window that caused quite the flutter with the lovies and Kiki who were by that window. A quick look at the window and you could see a large imprint. Vince thought “owl” but didn’t share that with me.

About 15 minutes later, the fire alarm of a building behind us went off. A quick look out the window determined there was smoke. I went to put shoes on to go out on the balcony and when I stepped out the balcony door, I startled the owl that was sitting on the ledge at the end.  It didn’t fly far, just to the building across the drive. I was equally as startled and just about fell back into the apartment.

Once calmed down, I went out onto the balcony and watched the owl, which in turn was watching me!! Then a car left our building, spooking the owl. It was flying directly at me and then swerved a little passing no more than 3 feet from me. Had I been brave I could have reached out and touched a wing.

Once again, the heart raced.

After calming down, Vince and I did a lookie-loo at the fire, which was fortunately only a car on fire and was caught before the building became involved.