As a child-free couple, Vince and I have plenty of thoughts about parenting a child, with nothing to support it other than observation and natural charm (I have mentioned before that Vince is a child magnet, they love him and he’s really good with them, right?).

I have always known that parenting styles can be different, even within the same family unit [a child that comes years later will not be parented the same as the first born as the parents have learned (and hopefully improved) as they go]. So how do you raise well-rounded, mentally strong, independent kids? I do not have the answer to that. But I have been an observer to very different parenting styles with two different families. While I know both sets of parents communicate with each other and are on the same page, it’s apparent to me is that one family’s approach is by far more thought out and acted upon than the other. Without tipping my hand as to who these families are, I won’t go into descriptions of their differing approaches beyond that one observation. Let me hasten to add I believe children in these two families are very loved and will grow up knowing that.

My observances of parenting styles is not limited to these two families. As an avid people watcher, I am observing children on playgrounds, at home, in shopping malls, etc. and how parents are responding to situations happening in all these locations.

I’d like to tip my hat 🎩 to all the parents out there, doing your best at something that does not come with a manual 📚. May the start of school go as smoothly as possible for those about to return to school next week.

Live. Laugh. Thrive.