I’m still waiting for updates from doctors.

I am still in the hospital, I was moved up to a room on Monday. ER is definitely entertaining, guy beside me was drunk and got so belligerent he had to be restrained. Another drunk asked for a gin and tonic!!!

I’ve had a CT scan and echocardiogram for my heart. At the moment, the thinking is that I have cardiomyopathy.

New prescriptions for seizures and heart expected. On a “yay” front, there is a pause in my oral chemo again.

Did I mention that I was seizing as I arrived at emergency? And then I went unconscious; Vince said I was taken for a CT right away. I have no memory of that.

It took until Tuesday for me to start getting out of bed myself. And while my balance is more wobbly than ever, I feel like I’m making progress in self-care. Though I have regressed. Getting dressed is back in the hole again. Happy to say that my thinking has cleared up.

And I’m hoping to go home this weekend.

As soon as I have something definitive to share I will.

Oh ya, lots of trouble getting in IVs and blood draws. I will be asking my oncologist about a port-a-cath. I can’t keep doing this pin prick/ bruising. More failures than successes. I had to have an IV specialist who used an ultrasound to get the IV in for my special heart CT scan.

No surprise, Vince and I have been on tenterhooks and a lot scared by this. Vince has been a rock despite how scared he is. I’m very lucky!!❤❤❤❤💋

4 thoughts on “patience

  1. Gayle you are an inspiration to everyone who knows you!! Only you could find humour in the drunken shenanigans of the ER! A port o cath sounds like a good option. Sending love your way always.

  2. We’re all scared for you but all sending positivity and healing vibes your way!

  3. Oh God I love you so very much and Vince. You continue to amaze and astound me while going through all of this. Praying so hard for you right now.

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