Today I took the day off work so that Vince and I could have a day together (he’s been off on vacation all week, and I couldn’t take the whole week).

I’ve been excited all week to be going up to Duncan so that we could go to Pacific Northwest Raptors to see the flying demo and to participate in a hawk walk. The absolute joy of the hawk walk is that you get to have a hawk fly and land on a special glove on your arm. I spoke to everyone at work about all this week. I was so excited.

The day itself was so much fun. The experience of having a Harris hawk land on my wrist is more thrilling than I can describe.

And now I’m frustrated. Yes. It’s true that I’m not a fan of having my picture taken. And Vince knows this. So, in no picture of me holding the hawk is there any sign of me except an arm. I am beyond words. How could he have missed something so important to me? How could he have missed me turning, smiling at the camera AND ensuring I pulled the hawk in closer? Some days communication between us seems to suck. I guess this was one of them.

Here are a few images I took.