port joy

multiple appointment week

This week I saw my oncologist in person, had an echocardiogram and a CT scan.


I shared with my oncologist about the gong show. Response: not the worst I’ve heard, and not the first.

Decision re: oral chemo: continue as we have been.


Follow up scan to my hospital stay in January. I see a cardiologist in mid-May.

I haven’t asked enough questions about what happened and what the official diagnosis is and its risks. Preparing a list of questions so as to not forget at this appointment.

port joy

I should have gone for a port-a-cath a L O N G time ago. The last hospital stay left me so bruised and almost in tears each time a lab tech showed up.

My CT scan on Wednesday went so well. Not having to suffer through multiple pokes for an IV was a dream. And, not surprisingly,  went so much faster.

There was a little bit of a pinch as a nurse inserted the cath needle, but otherwise it was a smooth experience.

Example of a port needle

fatigue and how I’m doing

  • Wow. Between working mornings and needing to attend appointments, my fatigue levels have been difficult to manage since I haven’t had my usual naps.
  • Naps are still a must.
  • The diarrhea side effect of the oral chemo has been under control.Yay!
  • Still left side weakness.
  • Absolutely no sense of balance.
  • Still deliberate speech.

4 thoughts on “port joy

  1. Good to hear the diarhea side effect is under control and that the Porto cath is working well. Big hug.🐰🐣

  2. Goodness that port and those bruises are both hard core. As usual you go through it all with so much grace. Miss you.

  3. Look at you being all festive and getting bruises that are good colours for Easter! Some people just decorate eggs! LOL!

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