I started a new yoga class on Wednesday evenings (for 7 weeks) this past Wednesday. This is the description from the yoga studio’s website:

YOGA THRIVE – Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Yoga Thrive is a research-based, therapeutic yoga program for cancer survivors and their support persons. This gentle, 7-week yoga program is based on hatha yoga, but has been modified for cancer survivors- especially those who are experiencing stiffness, pain, stress or fatigue.

I really enjoyed it….the yoga, not the conditions. And by conditions I mean the fact that Wednesday may not have set a heat record for Victoria, but it was HOT baby, HOT. And my yoga studio doesn’t have air conditioning.

The last pose that is usually done is Savasana (corpse pose) – it’s meant to quiet the physical body. As part of this pose, the instructor talks you through a checklist from head to toes, telling you to be aware of the muscles, let go, soften….I just about giggled. Soften?? I was in PUDDLES. Not only was I so incredibly relaxed, I was SOAKED.

I have found something that works for me. Yoga quiets the mind, works the stress out of the body and just makes me feel good.