With 4 treatments down and 21 to go, I can tell you that radiation is very tiring. I have fatigue with this that I did not have with chemo.

I’m also not liking the other side effects: swelling, redness, heat and discomfort – it’s all very similar to the condition my breast was in BEFORE I started chemotherapy. And if you think that’s alarming to read, try having the breast!! But I’ve been reassured that these are KNOWN side effects and almost expected.

In my Friday meeting with my radiation oncologist, she also showed me the differences between IMRT, which I’m getting, and standard RT by showing me my “plan”. It was really neat. And pretty impressive to see how computerized and detailed the plan is. Blew me away how technology has advanced so far.

Staying strong and positive this past week has been difficult. First the herceptin, then the fear that my cancer is growing again (see above about radiation side effects).