Headline in the Globe and Mail:

Alberta first to offer medical information online

from the article:

The 32-year-old, who is six months pregnant and has a 15-month-old daughter, Charlie, said it’s a lot of work managing her young family’s health care with all the appointments, tests and vaccinations. And sometimes Ms. Nickerson doesn’t have all the information she needs, including simple details such as Charlie’s blood type.


As if I needed any more fuel to my already overloaded concept that the majority of people are stupid.

I could have a field day with these two sentences. Geesh. My mother managed two children without a problem, including our blood types. Hello??

I’m stopping now before the rant really kicks in.


2 thoughts on “rant

  1. When reading the Toronto Star’s (there are three major papers in the Toronto area and I divide them by this…Toronto Sun – grade schoolers..Toronto Star – high school+college…Globe – university) website and its articles, I now skip the articles and head on straight to the comments. Why? It’s almost like the fascination with car wrecks in that you are fascinated by the ignorance and stupidity of the general population.


    P.S. I sure hope that I don’t end up going into politics…if I do, I may ask u to shut this blog down. hehehe

  2. Speaking as a mom of a small child on daily medication, details of everything that happens to him, medical and otherwise, is embedded in my brain.
    How could someone ever forget that information?
    I don’t think it justifies anyone putting that much personal information online for anyone to hack…kind of scary how much information about ourselves we’re willing to put out there for the world to see…
    Cyber-exhibitionism…it’s a new word!

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