rear window revisited

It’s been 10 years since I wrote the original rear window post, and that one was more about the passing of a resident.

In re-reading my own post, I would like to note most emphatically that peculiar residents still exist, as do the exhibitionists. I think it’s been the turnover of occupants that’s been the most fascinating. You just never know what kind of person will move in next.

We’ve seen people who had a young child constantly have parties and the kid would often sleep on the couch on the balcony. It was a surprise to see a dumpster in the parking lot and men throwing everything from that apartment, including a big screen tv, into the dumpster from the balcony. It was as if these people had just walked away from everything.

The heat dome we had late June brought about an interesting view (below). I got what they were doing, white reflects all wavelengths of light, so it is not supposed to heat up. They put this up despite only getting the morning sun. I’m not sure of the effectiveness of their efforts, what these people failed to realize is that the heat was more than the sunlight and it’s likely they accomplished creating a greenhouse for themselves. Within two weeks this was down and a vent for a portable air conditioner appeared in the left-side window.

Exhibitionists continue to make me shake my head. I’m convinced that the majority are just clueless rather than doing this on purpose (though I KNOW there are some of them too).

Speaking of clueless: a funny story for this particular apartment—the previous tenant put up a privacy “fence” along the balcony rail. He used to come out on the balcony stark naked and sit in the mornings to have his coffee. The only people who could see he was naked were those of us in higher elevations, like all the units in my apartment building (my building sits on land that is a good 6 feet higher than their parking lot). Why he thought he was “safe” from peeping eyes 👀 I do not know. He was safe from street level and below, that was it.

The apartment above the one with the white tarps is where a couple have lived for a number of years now. They’re noted for drinking and fighting, including throwing things. Once they broke the bedroom window very late/early in the morning. Within the past year, the Mrs. fell/was pushed off the balcony – police and ambulance were called (I still don’t know if it was a fall or a push).

I think what bugs me most is the inconsideration when it comes to noise. People having groups over and sitting out on the balcony talking and laughing with normal volume. If it ended by 11 a.m. there would be no complaint, but we’re talking 2 am. to 3 a.m. in many cases. At least such occurrences are limited to a few months a year.

Still, I can’t help but notice the residents in the units facing mine. I think I’ll always be a nosey neighbour.

Live. Laugh. Thrive.

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  1. That’s part of the appeal of apartment living – the people watching aspect.
    I think one of my favourite Orville (Seth MacFarlane series) episodes is the one where all of the crew members are trapped in a zoo-like display. Unique perspective on the world.

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