Once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you live with the fear of recurrence. Once you’ve hit certain milestones you start to relax believing you have beat this fuc@@##!!! disease. I made a choice years ago to live my life and not wonder what if. I didn’t want fear of reccurrence to dominate my life.
Let me also be clear, and address the elephant in the room, at this point there is no cure, the only thing is quality and extension of life.

You need to hear it from me I’m not done fighting yet. I plan to be around for quite a while kicking cancer’s ass.

I’m approaching this blog a little bit differently this time, it’s my intent to present a transparent account of what is happening. There’s no doubt my sense of humour will find ways to express itself. I think it’s important to continue to laugh.

Live, breathe, thrive❣