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Once again I am supporting, and requesting my friends and family support, Kati Sackett in her efforts to raise funds for cancer research.

The link to her personal page and so that you can click the Donate button is here:

I posted this to Facebook so that my FB family could see and offer support. Kati commented on my post and provided more information, as follows—

Our team is Team AJA for Allan, Judy and Amy…two have lost their fight, and one is currently fighting. As part of our team initiative, we will add anyone’s name to our t-shirts and walk in their stead, in their honour or in their memory. We would be honoured to do this for anyone. Thank you Gayle for sharing on our behalf, and thank you all for helping in the fight!

Kati isn’t just participating for Allan, Judy and Amy, though they are her focus this year. She does this for all of us touched by cancer. But when it becomes personal, you do all you can.

Please support her. Together we can find a cure.


Postscript: While I am not actively asking for donations for my own efforts, I want you to know that I do support and participate in cancer-related events. I’ve just chosen not to ask my family and friends to support me.

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  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word. We have been quite successful in fundraising this year…team members have been meticulously collecting dimes (960 dimes fit perfectly into a regular water bottle), making candy kebobs for sale and collecting names to add to t-shirts.
    We have all been touched by this disease and want it to stop. A startling statistic…every 3 minutes another Canadian is diagnosed with cancer of one form or another.
    Thank you for sharing the link, and thanks in advance to everyone who chooses to support us.
    Rest assured Gayle and Jane and Tracy’s names will be amongst the names displayed proudly on my tshirt on June 8 as we walk.
    Kati and Team AJA

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