relay for life

Hello family and friends. Once again it is time for the Relay for Life and a call for donations.

It gives me profound joy to support my friend, Kati, in her Relay for Life fundraising. Once again I am not going to do something individually, but rather pledge my support to friends who are doing something on behalf of those of us who have found cancer to be very personal.

For Kati, this year is particularly poignant. Cancer struck very close to home – her mother and her son’s father. Her mother passed away this past February. Regrettably she also knows too many people who have had cancer touch their lives.

I believe Kati’s page can be accessed by this link, but if not, go to and search for Kati Sackett.

Though Kati’s support is personal, I extend this to those I know. Obviously there is me. And personally, there is my Mom (I miss her every day), Cathy, Carolyn, and Tracy. Please consider supporting Kati in my name or in anyone else’s name.

This is more than just research, it’s about supporting families. I think that’s equally as important as cancer research.

Thank you and much love.

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti


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