remember department store elevator operators?

One of the funnier conversations today on the elevator had a bunch of us “older” folk remembering the days of going to the local department store and using an elevator operated by a person as it didn’t have buttons or automatic closing doors.

It brought back a flood of memories about them. The ladies at the Eaton’s store in downtown Hamilton wore white cloves and the mechanism for raising/lowering the elevator was a wheel with a handle—no set floor stops, the operator had to know when to accelerate/decelerate and when to stop.

The added value were the announcements per floor: Ladies Clothing, Furniture, Household Goods, etc.

It was a treat to go out shopping with Mom and then get on these elevators. But the favourite memory was always the express elevator to Santa.

As one person left the elevator today, she remarked that it was certainly a sign of our age that we remembered these elevators.

Sigh. How right she is.


1 thought on “remember department store elevator operators?

  1. Isn’t that funny?
    I was just talking to someone the other day (after pushing numerous requested floors on the elevators at work) about the old Eaton’s elevators and the ladies who used to run them.
    Thank goodness I work in an office with (mostly) ladies of the same or similar age so I’m not talking about the ‘good old days’ all by myself!

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