remember when

I’ve just realized something. I have never posted the image of the cast I had done of my breasts just before my mastectomy. Do you even remember when I had that done? I do. But then again, I have a reminder of it.

I can come up with a number of reasons why I didn’t post it before now, not the least of which is how revealing a blank canvas can be. But time has made my insecurities and embarrassment just that much less.

I always wanted to have it painted with some designs before I posted the image, but hey, here I am 6 years later and no closer to that decoration. I do better at decorating my own body than I have with this cast bust.

So, in celebration of 6 years – for today is the anniversary of the day of my mastectomy surgery – here it is. [Oh, and ya, I’ve touched it up just a little; some self-consciousness after all.]










Oṃ śānti śānti śānti

1 thought on “remember when

  1. I think that you should ‘tattoo’ it with all of the images you have on you and combine them artistically….there must be someone you know with an artistic bend…perhaps even a fave tattoo artist and ask them to airbrush a design for you.
    I do recall you having this done, and think it’s fabulous!!!

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