residue be gone!

Halleluia!  I am tape residue free!

My eternal gratitude to G. for suggesting Avon’s Skin So Soft – unfortunately the only Avon lady I know is on vacation. [Say, why is it always an Avon lady and not a man??] And also to V. for the solution that I ended up using.

You know what really gets me? There’s a product out there called “Universal Adhesive Remover”, known to the medical community (or so my home nurse says), and no-one told me when it was OBVIOUS I had residue issues.

The problem with this product is that they sell it in liquid form or wipes – I went the wipes route, but they don’t sell them by single use. Rather I paid $20 for 50. I suppose the up side is I’m covered should I need to use one or two in the next 50 years or so.

But now I’ve lost a bit of the frankenstein look – and for that I’m grateful.