I think of myself as a person who makes decisions on facts and after research and understanding. For the most part, I have an expectation, belief even, that ‘smart’ people to do the same as me. I came up against just the opposite recently. And I was surprised. But in hindsight, I shouldn’t have been.

The fact is: people can read and learn about the same information as me and draw different conclusions, or even discard the information because they believe it to be biased, bunk or the work of an idiot. Haven’t I done the same? While I pride myself on poking holes in things like linking free needles for addicts to diabetic needles not being free (major public health risk vs a non-communicable condition), commercials (how you are being hooked and the information missing), and what is (gawd forgive me for saying this) ‘fake’ reporting, I am approaching this from my perspective.

My perspective on a variety of topics is based on how I was raised, on my cancer diagnosis and treatment, on where I am currently living in the world, and on what I’ve read/learned—these are the most evident of influences, there are so many more. The whole point about having an opinion on something is that it is YOUR opinion. You can’t make a person believe what you do, no matter how hard you try.

And so, where are you left? You’re left with respect. You can disagree with someone. Just be respectful of them and their opinions.

It’s not that I’m trying to be preachy, despite how this my read to some. I just wish more people would stop and reflect before putting out there so publicly what they do think.