restorative yoga

This is a description of “restorative yoga” —

Restorative – take time to settle into poses and feel your way through the body. Suitable for people with injuries and those recovering from illness.

I had my first class last night.

I admit that I walked in with the following in my head:

  • the class would be full of experienced yoga people;
  • the class would be full of fit people;
  • I would be very uncoordinated and people would scoff at me;
  • I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do it;
  • I was afraid that I would be required to lie on my stomach and I didn’t know if I was capable—I haven’t been on my stomach since before cancer.

I was so self-conscious that I almost didn’t go. But I did. And I’m glad I did.

The class was full of all shapes and sizes, men and women. I may have been a newbie, but there were other newbies there too. And there was all ages.

The class itself was 90 minutes long. And I was right about one thing: I was uncoordinated. But guess what? No one noticed me and I found what worked for me—which is an underlying rule, listening to your body and modifying to make an asana work. We were all so focused on attaining and holding the asanas (postures) and following the instructor’s guidance that there was no opportunity to lookieloo.

Each posture is held for approximately 10 minutes. Thus it was a 9 posture class. The time just FLEW by. And at the last posture, I recall the words of the instructor saying that it was time to reconnect with our bodies, breathe and slowly return to a sitting position. I felt like my consciousness did a ‘thunk’ in returning.

I was so incredibly relaxed. I think I’ve found a mechanism for health with the bonus of a stress-relief.

So, it was worth it. I will be going back.