It is with profound sadness that I share with you our dear Aja passed away during the night (last night). She joined our flock in July 2005 (thus she was 15 years old).

She had a stroke a few weeks ago and had paralysis on the right side (no grip whatsoever with her foot). We knew then it was only a matter of time. We changed her cage around for a disabled bird (we put down soft cloths on the bottom, removed all perches and anything she would have to climb and ensured food dish also at ground level), and gave her lots of love.

She was a character – she loved Vince greatly, always wanted attention, loved head scritches but didn’t want to be touched! Such a female! We called her our flesh eating piranha bird because if you weren’t careful, she took a chunk out of you.

To lose two within a week of each other is heartbreaking. These birbs are our children.

RIP sweet girl. You were loved.

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