Once or twice a year, Victoria goes through a heat wave (by definition, it probably wasn’t, but three days in a row is a wave to me). The hot weather usually doesn’t last long, is usually only about 28 C and is usually bearable - after all, Victoria doesn’t have the humidex southern Ontario has. Also, being by the ocean usually cools things down in the evenings to sleep bearable.

A lot of usuallys in there! Which tells you something about what we are going through.

Today was UGLY.

Victoria broke a heat record with a high of 36 C.  And the nights are not cooling down.

This is a weird heat wave for Victoria, it’s been brought on by a low pressure system and winds blowing the heat from the continent (south and east) – our winds usually blow in from the ocean (west and north).

All I can say is that I am VERY grateful that I’m not undergoing any treatments and that the worst of my surgery recovery is behind me.

Now if only Victoria will return to 20 C, I’ll be happy!


1 thought on “roasting

  1. Funny, other people are feeling the complete opposite as you. After moving here from Texas, Andrew is not feeling the heat at all….cold on nights that us ‘normally acclimatized’ Ontarians are wearing shorts and tank tops and revelling in the nice weather.
    Funny how our bodies can fake us out when we least want them to!
    Hope it’s cooled down a bit for you.

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