rooty toots

In stillness, toots sound and rise.


This may be TMI for some. But certainly worth a laugh.

diarrhea side effects of oral chemo

I have discussed the diarrhea aspect of the oral chemo. I haven’t yet mentioned that it has led to a couple of accidents requiring a shower.

Mostly I’m now only dealing with very loose stool. And that’s generally under control and not considered a problem.

rooty toots

What I havenโ€™t mentioned is the flatulence / rooty toots / farts.

I think I have to go, stand up, and fart, and then I know I actually don’t need to go potty.

That happens a lot. Loud and stinky!๐Ÿ˜œ

Had a funny incident the other night, walking down the hall towards bathroom and I’m tooting at every step. Vince steps into the hall and asks what the hell the noise is. I’m incredulous, doesn’t he recognize that they’re farts?? He thought something was wrong in the kitchen. VINCE!!!

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