For all my whining about tests and needles, and trust me, there’s been a LOT of whining, the final test (bone scan) to determine if the cancer has metastacized was actually serene.

While I did have to get another needle – a shot of something the body produces naturally but they enhance to have things show up better – was a pin prick compared to the other needles this week.

And here I am, lying on the moving platform of the machine and it moves so slowly and so quietly that I almost fell asleep.

The crowning moment, however, had to be the nurse asking me to put my feet in pigeon-toed position and then taping them to hold them that way.

So now it’s a matter of waiting till all results are in and meeting with my oncologist on the 1st. It would be nice if something went my way in all of this…keep the faith.


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  1. Best to look at it this way, your cancer has been caught relatively early and you’re being given the proper treatment. 🙂

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