radiation type

Due to the need to try to determine HER2 status, my biopsy for the lung tumour ended up scheduled for the day that radiation was supposed to start. New radiation start date: May 19.

The radiation type is stereotactic radiation. Some snippets from the BC Cancer Agency handout I’ve received:

Stereotactic radiation treatment focuses radiation with high precision (with sub-millimetre accuracy), while minimizing the radiation dose to normal tissue.

orange man

When I was in the hospital for my brain surgery one of the things that drove me nuts, though I understand why it was done, was the nurses coming into my room and asking me:

  1. Could I tell them my name?
  2. What day is it?
  3. Where was I?
  4. Why was I there?

One time I didn’t wait for the questions, I just started to recite everything. Then the nurse said, “Okay, who is the president of the US?” and I answered, “Some strange orange man”.

She and I both laughed. She said they never ask that one but she had to do something since I was being cheeky.

apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

One of the things I’m doing while convalescing is cleaning up keepsakes. Wow. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, that’s for sure! My mom was guilty of keeping EVERYTHING. Defining everything is simple: every card, every gift tag, every report card, every letter I ever wrote her, every picture I drew, lists of presents received and from whom, list of those who attended a birthday part…and MORE! Everything was broken down into calendar years.

While I may not have kept as much as mom, I’ve done a very good job all by myself. I continued the calendar year theme, and kept cards, keepsakes (e.g., concert or sport ticket stubs and programs), and letters from a particular pen pal, I did create lists too. As the years went by, the envelopes got thinner (I didn’t keep every single card sent me) and I stopped lists about 20 years ago. But still!!! The amount of stuff that is being purged is somewhat embarrassing. And then I went through the stuff from mom that I brought out west here with me!

Talk about trips down memory lane. It’s been very amusing to see how I’ve grown as I go through the school pictures. What I am now trying to figure out – where did those freckles go that were on my nose??!!! My favourite image is the one from grade 3, where I’m wearing a green smocked dress. Mom once claimed that she never cut my hair. That haircut begs to differ! [First one of the group in case you can’t guess!]

Ah. Perms. So glad they aren’t part of my life any more.

Live. Thrive. Laugh ❣

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