My giddiness has abated. Two weeks later and an MRI in between and my “stable” is no longer true. Latest MRI scan is both good and bad. Good is that the edema in my right frontal lobe has decreased and the smaller tumour in the back of my head is also smaller. However, the main tumour has increased by 2 mm. While minimal, it IS growth.

Here we go again. Because there’s growth that means oral chemo again. Dosage will be reduced. And the schedule will switch to 7 days on, 7 off, 7 on again. It’s been day 10 that the diarrhea has really kicked in, so thought is if we break it up then it will be less or even better. 🙏🤞

return to work

Today went very well. I actually had to set an alarm to remind myself to log off. I KNEW that would happen; I get so absorbed by what I’m doing that I lose all track of time.🙃🤣


I’ve been a bad girl. I am following a guy on FB from the lower mainland who has BABY birds. Want more than one!!! Oh Gayle.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you need more chemo, if you like eggs maybe try having those on day 10 as they tend to bind you. Not surprised about the work, you have always been a force to be reckoned with in that regard. As for the birdies……just thinking of baby birdies makes me go all giddy. Love to you as always

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