small steps

Today I ventured forth into the world for the first time feeling “normal” (despite the dressing and continual cleansing of my abscess and, of course, the flatest chest I’ve had since pre-puberty [a little self-conscious]) and it was just to do a regular activity.

I got to wear REAL clothes – jeans, t-shirt, fleece vest and tie-up shoes! [You really don’t want to know how difficult it was to tie up my shoes, do you??] Clothes a little looser, not surprisingly, but also not as difficult to put on as I thought they would be [ahem, except for the shoes, who knew??!!].

The reason for my outing?? My FIRST haircut since July 2006. I went to my stylist of 3 years and we cried together and then she did her usual magic (particularly since the hair itself is being difficult – she worked with the wonkiness, bless her heart). I’ve missed Mara.

It’s been an exhausting day!


P.S. Yes, I’m feeling better. The volume of drainage still upsets me, but it’s not showing “infection” signs. I keep monitoring the volume but haven’t seen a decrease yet. I see my surgeon again on the 22nd. My temperature is pretty much back to normal, a good sign that we’ve eradicated the infection [right?? Ms. Paranoia here]. My energy levels will take a while yet, as will the physio on my left arm. I FUBAR’d my left arm right after I got out of the hospital. I carried a bag weighing about 15 – 20 lb for about 30 ft. with it. Ouch on the burn in the muscles and tendons!!! [I just wanted to get into my own home and just wasn’t thinking…and Vince had to be at work, so I was doing this all by myself. Can’t you tell??] So I’m having to start from scratch on just having the arm straight. Sigh. I know. I did it to myself. I admit it.

P.P.S. In answer to a question about the plaster casting:  the “bust” is done, it’s just in the process of being painted. I know many are curious and I might post a picture…operative word here is “might”…when I get it. I’m looking forward to it.

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