I had a couple smiles during my hospital stay.

First, when I was awake and coherent enough to check my incision, I discovered that the surgeon had drawn on my abdomen ~ the belly button to the pelvic bone was divided in four quarters.

When the surgeon came to check on me the next day, my first words to her were “If I’d know we were going to draw pictures, I’d have put a happy face there rather than a boring cross.”

The second one came from my endocrinologist. He was in to see me approximately 7:45 a.m. on Saturday and in a normal volume voice asked me if ‘they’ were done taking out everything now. My response was, “I hope so!!” After he left it was quiet for a minute and then the lady next to me says, “Gayle, who was that??!” At which point the other two ladies in the room piped up, mimicked his question, commented on his volume and then everyone was laughing.