so silly

I scared myself last night. How? By looking in the mirror.

Okay, I’ll back up and do this right.

So, as you have gathered, I’ve been avoiding looking at myself in the mirror since I shaved my head. The long mirror in the bedroom is down and facing the wall, and I’ve kept my eyes lowered every time I’ve gone into the bathroom.

Well, last night, I was in the bathroom, no light on, just putting the tylenol on the counter top. In turning to leave, I caught something out of the corner of my eye and it so startled me I looked. You got it. I looked right in the mirror at me. But instead of being relieved or comforted, I scared myself!!! I mean really, was the person in the mirror human??? It was ghost-like and bald.

And so I let out a little “eek”.

When I realized I was looking at ME, well, I started to laugh and had to sit down on the toilet. Vince, of course, thinks I’m the biggest twit there is. And he laughed with me.

So now I’m comfortable looking at myself as a baldie. I did a thorough investigation. There are a couple dents – mom dropped me, I’m sure of it – and overall it isn’t so bad.

Only me.


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