social media

As time goes by I marvel at how far technology has come since I set out for university in 1985 with an electric typewriter. As of today, I have accounts with Twitter, Facebook and a blog.

Twitter is a social networking service; the ability to send and read other user’s messages. I signed up for an account when a celebrity that I care to know about used Twitter as a means of communication as opposed to giving interviews and having words twisted. I have been critical of Twitter for the user’s tweeting of everything that he/she does. And yet, here I am with an account and actually tweeting myself. Hypocrisy at its best.

Facebook is also considered social networking. In this case, people are able to connect with “friends” as well as posting about what’s going on in their lives. I haven’t posted any criticism about this service, but it’s there despite my own participation. I’m not always receptive to people finding me as I would have stayed in touch had I wanted to (said knowing that I was recently lucky to connect with some I had lost touch with) and I have privacy concerns in general.

Finally, there is a blogs and in my case, plural  (gumoore and gaylie-girl – this blog). These are online diaries. The truth is that I am ever conscious of anyone reading my blog and as such I’m cautious what I blog about, not wanting to offend or say too much. The primary reason behind the blog was that it was a tool to convey information to friends and family about my cancer journey and my life post-cancer treatment.

So, why do I even bother? In all cases I had a purpose:

  • With Twitter it was keeping up-to-date with certain people’s information not otherwise available; that it allowed me to connect with a “long lost” friend was a bonus.
  • With Facebook, I first joined because a friend emailed me that this is where she was posting family photos. I keep information to a minimum, I don’t post photos unless they’re of my birds or just one or two profile images and I’m not as active lately and I like it that way.
  • And the blogs? Well, I’ve said why I have them up above and my health continues to be why I still have them. Why anyone wants to read my blogs now-a-days is beyond me. I’m not as active with them, but neither do I ignore them (as is evident by this post).

I value privacy and I don’t truly believe in putting it all out there —do you really need to know that Aja is singing and I’m loving the sound? Do you need to know that I need to lose weight? Do you need to know when I’m scared, when I’m ann0yed? We need limits. We need stuff in our life that is just ours.

My true addiction is my Blackberry. Staying in the know.