From the moment I left home to go into my own apartment in university, my furniture had been second hand or a futon.

This year the goal was to replace the futon bed/couch Vince and I have had for 12 years. It was new when we moved to Victoria, truly intending to be a temporary purchase until we could get a sofa.

Well, in July we went in search of a new sofa. I mean brand spanking new, picked out by Vince and me. The first store gave us sticker shock. And so we had to re-evaluate the budget. And we upped it.

The next three stores were leading down the road of discouragement. Selection was pitiful and the furniture was definitely not our style.

Finally we found Muse & Merchant, a division of Scan Design. It was like that moment of “Ahhhhh” with your hands held heaven-ward.

So, we settled on a sofa style. Got to pick our fabric – that was so much fun, going through three different swatch books – and ultimately settling on cayenne. Then it was choosing the fabric for the throw cushions (the first two included in the sofa cost).

The sofa was delivered this week. We are so pleased with it. A picture is below.

My very first BRAND NEW SOFA, all parts of it of my choosing. So very happy.