something sweet

As most of you know, I have birds as pets – 4 cockatiels (Indy, Kiki, Juliet and Perry) and 2 lovebirds (Aja and Jasper). Usually once a week Vince and I will let one set or the other out for a flutter around the room and the ability to drive us crazy in person.

One day when I was off in the past 10 days, I let the cockatiels out of the cage. And then promptly laid down on the loveseat for a nap. Of the cockatiels, Perry is my baby. I spent a lot of time with him when he first joined the flock in November 2000 and he bonded with me. So saying he’s my baby is a lot like saying I’m his (as in belongs to him). Yes, he can be territorial about me.

So, here I am almost completely asleep when a flutter hits my face and Perry lands, startling me awake. He moves to my chest and does a little preening before he settled down. We both fell asleep and he was still there on my chest, asleep too, when I woke up a couple hours later.

I imagine it would have made a great picture, but Vince was at work and any movement on my part would have disturbed the scene.

The smallest things can bring the biggest smiles.


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  1. Awe! That sounds absolutely adorable. Bonding with your birds (even though it has only been a little bit for me) has even given me an appreciation for crows. They are the cutest birdies (yours not the crows)

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