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Bloom County Opus

The past several months have given me a lot I could have ranted about – none of which would have been original, I might add.

First on my list is the rise of racism. After so much presumed progress forward (hello? civil rights movement, among others), I just don’t understand WHY society is regressing. Someone I know shared a FB post saying we should wake the f*ck up because our freedoms were being taken away by muslims and immigrants. I sent a private message to this person and said that the post was racist sh*t and that I hoped she didn’t believe it. She responded by saying that she did, but that was just her opinion. I couldn’t reply. I didn’t know how. But to the four walls around me I ranted, I raved, and then I cried. Since then she has made it very easy for me, she has blocked me on FB.

Second on my list is abortion. Twitter exploded with #youknowme, started by Busy Philipps. Many voices have said it all.

Last on my list is politics. I don’t know where to start or what I should even say if anything at all. I’m shocked. I’m disgusted. I’m appalled. Isn’t that more than enough for anyone?

It was drilled into me by parents and other people that you should never talk about (even if they are the most compelling of topics): money, religion and politics. Well, I’ve broken two out of three, might as well go for the third: money. I’m broke. Wanna gift me some money?

And so I say that it’s been better that there haven’t been a bunch of micro-posts.

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti

The image used for today’s blog post is perfect, isn’t it?