Looney Tuned

I sat here for over 30 minutes trying to find a post title. The morning after I posted my latest test results, I received a text from a relative to tell me that my uncle had passed away that morning. I was dumbfounded. I still am. I took Friday off to try and process. My uncle was bigger than life, a rock, the person you expected to be there forever (even if you know that’s impossible). He wasn’t perfect – who of us is? He saw things in black and white—shades of grey, not so much. When he thought he was on the side of right and you were on the opposite side, well, let’s just say it wasn’t comfortable. And if you had done something to earn the steely blue stare, you quaked in your boots. You always knew where you stood with him. He spoke unfiltered truths. And he was a stand-up man. John had been battling a blood cancer for approximately 7 years. The family was preparing for a stem cell transplant next month, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Today’s image contains characters from Looney Tunes. Something I associate with my uncle, though I cannot remember why. Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd and Taz!

I had a complicated relationship with John. He was a brother, a caregiver, a father figure, and my uncle (even though I have spent decades just calling him by his first name). I’ve had such a cascade of memories over the past few days. I’m so grateful to have so many good ones that leave me with such a warm feeling.

RIP Uncle John. I will miss you.

Live. Laugh. Thrive.❣

4 thoughts on “sorrow

  1. I think of 2 pieces of music: Love’s Joy and Love’s Sorrow. It is so true in our life’s journey. I also think people that passed are at a better place than planet Earth. It is the people who leave behind that feel the sorrow and regret. Lots of hugs your way, Gayle. Take care.

  2. He was a complex character…
    Complicated relationships with people and the learning of their passing always make us feel awkward, remorseful, confused but always regret for who we’ve lost.
    With love and light

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