stir crazy

The walls are definitely closing in. I’m going absolutely bonkers.

I look like a frankenstein (well, only part of me) and I’m limited in mobility and endurance, but you can’t keep me locked up any more! Particularly since the weather is so NICE.

I had a small victory yesterday – I managed to dress myself. It took a little longer, but I did it. And then I was ready for a nap!!

Swelling is down, but still present. Soreness and discomfort might be words that are around for a little while yet. The drain tubes are driving me mad. I have my fingers crossed that the surgeon will remove them on Wednesday. Since this is a substitute surgeon (mine went on holidays the day after my surgery), I don’t know that I’ll get any results yet. Always waiting am I.

I will also have some physiotherapy ahead of me. I can barely lift my left arm and my right arm is improving in mobility.

Still laughing.



1 thought on “stir crazy

  1. One day left Gayley! I hope that you’ve managed to get out into today’s sunshine because it is lovely out. My fingers are firmly cross that they’ll take out the drains tomorrow. I talked to Mam on the weekend and she said to make sure to tell you that you are always in her thoughts and she’s been praying like mad for you.

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