What does structure mean to you?

  • Does it include knowing what you’ll wear all week?
  • Does it include knowing what you’ll eat for each meal for the next week?
  • Is it having everything placed just so?
  • Is it doing things in a particular order?
  • Is being structured or needing structure a bad thing? Does it mean mental health issues? Or does it simply mean you’re weird, strange or just plain different?

I’m not good at organization or arranging according to a plan. I’m not good with planning much in advance. But I am good at consistency. In my life structure involves an element of routine. For example, I get up and get ready in the morning by a set series of events.I don’t struggle with time. I’m very good at shifting priorities and giving complete attention to the problem at hand and meeting deadlines.

I do have lists of things to get completed. I wish I looked at it more.

Each day involves one simple approach: focus on today. Live in the moment. I do some things by routine, where some structure is needed, but I let myself go with the flow. I have to. To focus on what I can’t control leaves me reeling and unproductive and just a little bit sick.

My goal is to stay grounded…and I am succeeding.

Oṃ śānti śānti śānti