What is your superpower? I’m not talking about what power you wish to have like those of Superman or Spiderman, etc. No seeing through walls, no super strength, no invisibility……

What do you do really well?

Let me give you an example. I know a person, where when he speaks, he speaks with such confidence and with “facts” that you find yourself nodding along and believing what he is saying regardless of whether he’s spouting wishful thinking or his truth. (Whether the veracity of his claims are actually supported/provable or reality is another story whatsoever.) It’s the fact that he can speak so confidently and sell what he’s saying that is his superpower.

Some people, like my brother, are artistically inclined – Art is a poet and author.

Vince is a photography genius. He can’t manage his cell phone but give him a camera and he can do magic with it (I’d like to point out that he was this way when everything was manual and film; he still prefers manual mode on his digital camera). It boggles my brain. I can barely remember aperature…ISO…shutter speed, etc. from one use of the camera to the next (simple point and shoot suits me just fine). That Vince gets it so well is…awesome.

My talent? It’s understanding technology. Not that I can program or put together, but given any software/computer, I can figure out how to use it quickly and I can fix glitches. At work I am an unofficial helpdesk. I have a co-worker who says she’ll just call Gayle911. As far as superpowers go, it’s pretty useful but it’s not a talent like writing, painting and drawing. I’d rather be artistic than tech savvy. But hey, you can’t pick your superpower, it’s just part of you.

Live. Laugh. Thrive.

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