surgeon thank you

I woke up just the other day and I realized that I don’t have to see my surgeon anymore. So I thought it was about time to formally thank Alison and her assistant, Gale.

I thought I was witty in my thank you card, and thought I’d share [below].

Go ahead, pat me on the back too! 


I think I’m in shock! It’s just hit me that I don’t have a follow-up appointment with you. We’re done because I’m healed (that ridge will soften and go down in time, right??). Doctors and appointments have been so much a part of my life this past year (++) that when one of them drops off the radar, I’m happy that they’re gone (oh ya, and sometimes saddened). I’ve totally hated the reason for our relationship, but I’ve felt totally confident in your hands and have had a few good laughs with you both (granted, at my expense, but hey, why not?) and can say that I like you (there’s my ringing endorsement).

I thought it only appropriate to give something to you both for all we’ve been through together – there was my hypochondria, an oozing incision, a rip-roaring infection, a lousy hospital trip and pooping on saran wrap (please don’t ask). When I thought about what I could do for a thank you, my options suddenly seemed very limited.

  • Flowers – Since I equate these to “get well” or “sympathy”, that didn’t work so well. Besides, you can’t really share a bouquet without making a mess.
  • Coffee cards – Geesh, anyone can give that!!
  • Alcohol – Talk about headache (possible hangover)! I mean really, are you beer drinkers, wine drinkers or, with my luck, lifetime members of AA??…Um, better pass on this one.

But then it hit me. Chocolate – PERFECT! You can share AND get enjoyment from it. After all, chocolate is one of the main food groups, right? [Think dairy.]

PS I’m pretty sure that “rip-roaring” is not a medical term, but it was an apt description for my infection and howled when I saw that in an update to [my oncologist] in my Cancer Clinic file.